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Initial order

Initial order has to be 4 pcs per style / per color.

Payment Terms
The payment terms in our company is through our factor or using Credit Card.

Shipping terms
The shipping plus the insurance will be the customer's responsibility.

Return Policy
Garments returned are not eligible for credit if:

a. This form is not completed and submitted by fax, email or regular mail, prior to arrival of the merchandise to our warehouse.
b. Garments are missing spare buttons, dried roses, hang-tag, main and/or size label.
c. Garment has been worn, washed or stained.
d. Invoice for the garments is older than 30 days. (for incorrect merchandise or mis-shipped, the form must be submitted within 5 days of received date)
e. Garments are not returned to original shipping location. All USA's customers must return merchandise to New York office and all Canada's customer must return merchandise to Montreal office.
f. Incorrect merchandise is received. All incorrectly return items will be return to you at your expense.
g. Garment is not listed in this form. Any item that was not previously listed will be return to you at your expense.
h. If you previously requested an RA for this invoice. There is a limit of one RA per invoice. An RA will not be issue for an invoice twice.
i. Close out items are not returnable. All sale items are final sale.

IMPORTANT: Any garment that is returned without Tag will be penalized with a 10% surcharge. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Trunk Show Policy

The following criteria's will be enforced to fulfil our "Trunk Show Event" requirements to be accepted both by the customers and sales representative/Head Office management personnel:

1. All boutiques need to have current collection/in-season merchandise in their stores.
2. All boutiques need to have a seasonal account of $5000.00 or more to be considered. However, each sales representative will work with Head Office and determine if feasible the company's return on its investment would outweigh the risk.
3. Trunk show available only to customers who have legitimate store front.
4. All boutiques will have to be current in their A/R with SAMUEL DONG.
5. All NEW boutiques need to be approved by factors before "Trunk Show Date" approval.
6. All boutiques will require to have SAMUEL DONG supportive advertising (to be sent for approval to head office) before been accepted. Post Cards will be supplied by SAMUEL DONG.
7. The store required to display SAMUEL DONG items on their window on the day of the event.
8. The customers responsible for all samples shipping charges, inbound and outbound.
9. SAMUEL DONG Trunk Show Event schedule should work for both parties.
10. Styles for the Trunk Show may vary slightly depending on the date to the event.

Following will be items sent to each accepted boutique for the SAMUEL DONG "Trunk Show Event" Support Kit Program:

1. Catalogs (limited to 100/store).
2. Banners (Limited 4/store)
3. Posters/header boards (Limited 6/store)
4. 50 "Best Seller Styles" all pre ticketed "Just Add Your Price" Each style will be preselected by head office as attached to this package (See attached PDF).